。Tracking your order


citiesocial has collaboration with different carriers, we offer the tracking number to update the status.
Some of our vendors use their own carriers doesn't have tracking function, please don't be hesitate to contact our customer service to ask for the order status.

If your order has taken longer than the advertised shipping time, please get in touch with our customer service with your order details and we'll do all we can help out

icat 黑貓宅急便:http://goo.gl/ZEGe3O
HCT 新竹物流:http://goo.gl/AvaQSu 02-412-8866
FsdEX全速配(同新竹物流):http://goo.gl/7nWpn7 0800-060-650
POST郵局掛號:http://goo.gl/4nVQJB 0800-700365
Pelican宅配通:http://goo.gl/73haUm 02-6618-1818
Maple便利帶:http://goo.gl/zZ754U 02-412-8777
SF EXPRESS順豐速運:https://goo.gl/y35qyj 0800-088-830
KERRY嘉里大榮(併超峰快遞):http://goo.gl/kjsHHJ 02-412-8999
QTrans錸乾物流整合:http://goo.gl/JrGSFl 02-6629-3330
Luckyexpress好運袋(原統群物流):http://goo.gl/oW3JLF 02-2587-2020
Hiyes新航快遞:http://goo.gl/wIy91G 02-8295-8650
byondex晉越快遞:http://goo.gl/BS1stx 02-2909-9908
SHYANG YIH祥億貨運:http://goo.gl/mJrRrv

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