。If my order were defect


If you received an order were defect, please click 《換貨申請》at 【我的帳號】, fill the order number、item name、exchange reason, and send them out, we will arrange the carrier to contact with you, and will pick up the item back in 5 working days.

According to 《Consumer Protection Act》, the customer has the right with 7 days hesitation period, seven calendar days starts from the day after you receive your order. Hesitation period is not 7-day trial, therefore, the item return to us need in their original condition and will be inspected once we have received them.We try hard to accept all returns. However it is your responsibility to ensure that the returned items are packaged well, in order to safeguard the bilateral rights and interests,if the packing is damaged a lot, it may cause some fee to return it to the original condition.

Reminds you: Since the first day to apply for the exchange to the 15th day, if we couldn't complete the exchange works due to can not contact with you, we will cancel the exchange request.

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