。Pay with credit card


citiesocial provides credit card pay all at once/Installment payments with zero-percent (0%) interest.

Click on the payment method. Once you have selected your credit card payment, the checkout page will switch to the credit card filling information form. Please fill in the information and follow the page.

Cash flow platform will apply for authorization with the issuing bank, to be authorized to complete the payment and complete and establishment the orders, when the remittance has been credited, will be based on your bank checkout date in the current or next period of the bill.

To purchase of pre-order goods, needs to complete the payment first then place an order, the estimated shipping date is according to shown on the page.
If the delay or early delivery will be notified, please confirm before the above matters have agreed and acceptable.

Online shopping with seven-day appreciation period, Please feel assured to shopping with us.

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